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Comprehensive solutions for accessing Asian markets through mergers, acquisitions, capital raising, and licensing
We are a global investment and financial advisory firm dedicated to driving the expansion of middle-market companies in Asia.
We leverage our sector expertise, proprietary distribution channels, deep market insight, and operational experience to help our clients establish a valuable foothold in Asian markets.


We secure capital for middle-market companies in the technology and healthcare sectors seeking funding for their long-term growth strategies. We invest in early to late stage companies with sustainable earnings growth that are well-positioned for international expansion.

Post-Investment Management

We focus on maximizing the growth potential of companies through objective, independent, and world-class management. We lead companies on a path of profitable growth by increasing sales, expanding distribution networks, and improving operational efficiency.

Hard Asset Investments

We draw from our cross-border partnerships to match Asian investors with opportunities to invest in mispriced U.S. real-estate assets. We partner with local sponsors and lending partners to execute value add or ground-up developments to unlock such assets’ income and asset appreciation potential.


We facilitate the manufacturing and distribution of products in Asia through our proprietary network. We help our clients to devise brand licensing strategies which enable them to gain access to a broader market and produce larger volumes more efficiently.

We focus on the technology and healthcare industries with a specialty across four high-growth sub-sectors:

AdTech, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Health

Backed by the breadth of our relationships in Asia and expertise across industry sectors, the Mithera team is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive solutions which drive the international growth of innovative companies. We are differentiated by our firsthand knowledge of the East Asian marketplace and our 25+ years of transactional and operational experience in Asia. Our history of leading successful companies across multiple technological and healthcare sectors enriches our ability to deliver best-in-class execution on every engagement.


In March 2017, Beijing Shuzhi Technology Co. acquired for $900 million – one of the largest adtech deals in history and the second largest contextual ad tech company in the U.S. after Google. Mithera manages this asset on behalf of Shuzhi and plays a key role in bridging the cultural gap between Beijing Shuzhi Technology, a publicly-traded company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and In addition to integrating the asset, our team also recruited senior executives, restructured’s finances, and made acquisitions that helped to expand the business and resulted in a substantial increase in annual profits.