Hard Asset Investments

We identify and invest in unique and mispriced private real estate assets throughout the United States to service high net worth individuals and institutions who wish to participate in U.S. real estate opportunities.

We aim to deliver an outsized performance within the U.S. real estate market by focusing our investments in high alpha segments of the markets, including:

  • Ground-up development of luxury residential real estate, with a focus on the coastal properties of Southern California
  • Value-add investment in mid-sized multifamily properties in growth markets of southwest United States
  • Ground-up development of multifamily and co-living properties throughout the United States

We partner with a local sponsor with a proven track record on execution and delivery for each investment and structure our deals to maximize upside potential for our investors while limiting our downside exposure. We focus on market segments and geographic locations rich in mispriced opportunities to seek higher risk-adjusted returns.

High net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals can participate in our real estate investments via the Mithera Real Estate Opportunities Fund, I.