We secure funding for middle-market companies that are pushing the boundaries of the healthcare and technology sectors and require capital to fund their growth strategies, including:
+ Research & Development
+ Mergers & Acquisitions
+ Management Buyouts
+ International Distribution
+ Product Expansion

We partner with inventors, pioneers, and entrepreneurs at the forefront of innovation to build successful companies that are poised for global growth.  Our goal is to empower innovators to execute their vision.

We acquire capital for companies ranging from emerging ventures to mature stage across four sub-sectors: Internet of Things (IoT), Ad Tech, Digital Health, and Artificial Intelligence. In order to qualify for financing, companies must exhibit sustainable earnings growth, strong fundamentals, market acceptance, and long-tailed growth prospects.

Operational Expertise
We harness our transactional, sector and operational expertise in both the U.S. and East Asia to develop financial solutions which support the global growth of our clients.

Continued Financing
We are able to secure funding for our clients throughout their lifecycle. We provide access to public markets in East Asia as well as capital raising guidance.

Long-term Partnership
Our long-term investment horizon fosters an alignment of vision and allows us to play an active role in achieving key milestones on the growth trajectory of our clients.

Market Insight & Connections
With our deep knowledge of East Asian markets, supported by a proprietary network of relationships and strategic partnerships, we facilitate access to a variety of funding sources.